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Business is the one institution with the power and potential to solve our most pressing social and environmental problems. Indeed, as the cause of many of our ecological issues, many would say that business is in some way responsible for doing so. Still, our economic systems (stock prices, for example) do not reward such forward-thinking, "common good" behavior, though many customers and some markets are starting to.

Waste to Wealth

Waste is not just trash anymore. Ironically, waste can be extracted from one system and used as food or resource to another. The more waste, the greater the opportunity to improve and benefit. New products and services are designed as "cradle to cradle" (no graveland to fill up with our poor designs), and better use of resources increases profit with no ecological downside. This we call "ecoquality" ... ecology like nature planned it, quality like customers demand it.

A Matter of Trust

Some of us so-called "sustainability people" feel a sense of urgency -- that we need to learn faster, more quickly turn the big ship of our economy in a new direction, inspire new and much higher standards for integrity, refining prosperity and success.

As business people, how can we regain the loss of trust -- first Enron et al, then more recently the mortgage-backed securities debacle -- that these "bad actors" have betrayed?

Accelerated Learning

The issue for radically innovative solutions is the wide cultural and often communication gap between entrepreneurs (founders of early stage companies) and the venture investment community. There is no accessible, respectful, reliable, credible, functional and committed community that exists to assist entrepreneurs with the challenge of raising early stage funding, giving an getting feedback in collaboration, learning together so that the best ideas can fractal off and make tons of money for their partners.

The purpose of this website and our partner organizations, therefore, is to fill this cavernous gap with intelligence and understanding ... to accelerate the flow of capital to innovators at all levels -- from startup phase for a new venture to those established companies currently rethinking their business model.
We achieve this tall order through careful listening (imagine that), using practical tools for gaining mutual understanding, and by involving the right people for the work at hand. We represent a vast network of professionals with deep experience in sustainable business development, many successful venture catalysts and educators in their own right. The result is an informal, virtual marketplace with capital connections via a "community of commitment."

What's already working that can serve as a model?

We showcase examples and success stories of what's already working in practice. We offer case studies of what not to do -- mistakes that others have made to make sure you don't have to. Theory is interesting, but the realworld examples are ultimately more instructive and immediately useful.

How can I learn more? How can I get involved?

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